How the Cinema Girls Came to Be

I had always wanted to be in a book club. I loved to read and often wanted to share my thoughts on a book, or to see what someone else thought of it. I also wanted to enjoy the company of some girlfriends, and yes I will admit, I often just wanted to get out of the house for some fun every now and then. Hearing about book clubs, and seeing them on television made me think that was the thing for me.

But, the more thought I put into my book club idea I realised that books were getting a little steep in price for something I would read once, and finding the time to finish a book by a deadline may be hard now that I was the mom of 2. I also realised that the friends I had in mind for my book club were also now either moms, or very busy professionals whom money and/or time sometimes worked against as well.

Then one night I decided to curl up on my couch and watch a movie. The film I chose that night was The Notebook. Yes, you know the one. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling were welcome additions to my livingroom that night when all I really wanted to do was watch a good "Chick Flick". I had read the book by Nicholas Sparks, and thought I would try the movie as well. It was sitting there on my couch that it occured to me that so many of the books I enjoy eventually became movies. It also occured to me that my friends had often all enjoyed those same books or movies as well.

I thought about it for about a week or two, figuring out exactly what I wanted to do, and then I contacted my friends and ran the idea by them. I was happy and excited that right away they were all on board. We set up our first Girls Night Out Movie Night, and chose Atonement for our first film. It was a complete success and so much fun. The "Cinema Girls" (as we are now known) get together every two to three weeks (depending on film schedules). Not only do we enjoy the movie, but we follow it up with dinner, dessert maybe and yes sometimes even drinks ($2.99 margherita nights at Moxies). Of course lets not forget the conversation as well, its often full of laughter and wit as we discuss the film, discuss our lives, and enjoy one anothers company on a wonderful evening out.

Sometimes our film choices are Academy Award nominees, or International Film Festival darlings. Sometimes we have chosen a movie because it was a great book or a life story that we love. And yes there are even times when the movie was chosen just to have a good laugh and to lighten life up a little.

So a little idea I had while curled up on the couch on a November night in 2007, has turned into so very much more. I have met many new friends as we all continue to invite new people to join us, and as it turns out spending $4.40 on a tuesday night movie is definitely more affordable than a $40.00 hard cover book. Don't get me wrong, we all still read as well. A lot actually, as some of our movie choices have been based off of the great books we have read... like Time Travellers Wife, The Other Boleyn Girl, and don't even get us started on TWILIGHT!!!! But most amazing of all... one of our chosen movies (Julie and Julia) has now also inspired me. Like Julie I have created a blog. Where the cinema girls can share our movie schedule, our reviews and all our fun.

We hope you will perhaps follow along with us, and see the movies we have chosen each month on your own. Also, please feel free to join in on our conversations, our movie ratings, and our group no matter where you are.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Amelia Reviews

Here's what we thought.
What about you?


  1. Although I felt that Hilary Swank did a great job portraying the title character I found that the movie was rather slow. I did not feel like I really got to know her as a woman and therefore did not make a connection to the character. Richard Gere deserves a nod for this movie as does Ewan McGregor who did not get enough screen time in my opinion.

  2. Like Krista says, I think Hilary Swank did a great job in the role. The movie's costumes and visual design were great (and seemingly authentic), but the movie didn't really "grab you". In the end, I don't think I learned much about the real people portrayed in the movie. I'm a huge Ewan McGregor fan (it's the accent!), and there wasn't enough for him to do in this film. :( This film is a renter. 3/5.

  3. I've taken a little time before posting my thoughts on this one. Perhaps it is because I have been a little disappointed in movies lately.
    Don't get me wrong , it's not like I didn't enjoy this movie...because I did. I have just been leaving movies lately wishing there had been a bit more....MAGIC ...shall we say.

    Amelia was beautifully shot with some great cinamotography of landscapes. There was wonderful and often exquisite period costumes, and of course as always great acting by Hilary Swank. Her voice and mannerisms appeared to be spot on, and she encompassed the persona that you believe Amelia had. We learned a little more about the charcater, but for me just not enough. There didn't appear to be any flash or magic surrounding the character as you would have hoped to find around such an enormously legendary woman.
    Going into this movi, I knew some of her history and the stories about what occured on her final flight. As it playe dout on film I still wanted to cheer her on, hope for her, pray for her. Amelia was good as biographies go. But I wanted to feel closer to this woman coming out of the film, yet unfortuantely I didn't.

    I would have to rate it 2.5.
    I really wish it was higher... but only felt it told an already written story rather than creating a story on screen.